Parkrose School District

2022 Proposed Teachers Levy

About the Levy

Teachers, educational assistants, and staff are the backbone of our schools and we are faced with the potential of losing nearly 12% of our current staff due to budget cuts in the coming years.

The Parkrose School District currently estimates a $3.2 million dollar budget shortfall for the 2023-24 school year, leaving the District unable to maintain current services and programs. A $3.2 million dollar budget reduction is equivalent to eliminating 26 teaching positions or 18 school days.

How would the Levy help with this anticipated budget shortfall?

If passed, the proposed levy would raise $2 Million for Parkrose School District and would retain approximately 22 educational positions (60% teachers, 40% classroom instructional assistants).


Maintain Low Class Sizes for Our Youngest Learners

If passed, the proposed levy would allow the District to maintain lower class sizes in grades K-2.

Prioritize Career & Vocational Classes

If passed, the proposed levy would focus staff specialists to provide career oriented electives at middle and high school level.

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Support for Kindergarten Classrooms

The proposed levy, if passed, would support one educational assistant in every kindergarten in District

Meet New Physical Education Requirements

If passed, the proposed levy would allow the District to meet state mandates requiring that every elementary student have access to physical education

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